Product name:              MP Gold Makhana 
Product description:    Raw Makhana with outer shell removed. ‘Standard Plus’ quality
Appearance texture:    White round seeds with brown or black spots
Country of origin:         India
Ingredients:                   Phool Makhana seeds
Storage:                         Stored in an allergen free environment
Delivery temperature: 2C-35C

Allergen Information​

Nutritional Information​

Microbiological standards

APC/TPC :                                     <250,000 CFU/g
Coliforms :                                     <300 CFU/g
Yeast and mould:                         <1500 CFU/g
Salmonella:                                    Absent per 25g


Damage :                                0.10%
Flavor and odor :                   Free from objectionable flavors or odors
Bag fibers:                              0.01%
Shell pieces:                          5g max per 1kg sample
Stones :                                  1g max per 50kg sample
Metal:                                      Zero tolerance
Glass:                                      Zero tolerance
Plastic:                                    Zero tolerance
Insects:                                   Zero tolerance
Other:                                      Product meets EU requirements for heavy metals (EC) No 1881/2006 

Product storage/shelf life

Storage conditions:                    Product should be stored between 10C -25C in a dry environment
Product shelf life:                       24 months
Production code:                       RAW000010

  • First three letters: Flavour description
  • First three numbers: Number of packs per case
  • Last three numbers: weight per bag in kg


Description:  Each pallet must be in good condition and contain a pallet slip. Product is palletized and wrapped in plastic. Minimum of 4 winds per pallet
Packaging material: Woven polypropylene bags
Weight per bag:         10kg
Bags per pallet:          8
Pallet configuration:  2 per layer
Pallet size:                  4 high